“Lea helps me to get out of bed”

Anne (26)

Rehabilitation after an accident

‘While I am in physical rehabilitation, I can’t wait to get back to work as normal. It’s then that you realize how carefree your life was. Lea motivates me to exercise and with her it’s possible to take longer walks.’

Lea was tested during different rehabilitation courses by patients, occupational therapists and physical therapists. Anne was one of the patients that tried Lea. The physical therapist had a positive experience: ‘Lea provides stability and gives people more confidence to move more and independently. Especially the dance feature is intriguing and enjoyable to people.’

After a biking accident, Anne had to slowly regain her ability to walk, and she’s making progress. This rehabilitation process consists of continuous practice between parallel bars: standing, sitting, and getting back up. Lea has been helping her with these exercises. Gradually she learns how to walk longer distances. Her therapist tells us how Lea helps with this: ‘The patient is more supported by Lea than by any other rollator. This saves practitioners a lot of energy and it enables the patient to walk longer distances.’

Step by step

´Lea forces me to take small steps and alerts me when I walk with an incorrect posture. When I lose my balance, Lea senses it and provides counter weight. That stability is very important, it gives me way more confidence when I do my walking exercises’, Anne says.

Just dance

One of the first things she did with Lea, was dance. ‘That was so much fun, it gave me a great feeling. It must have looked very funny. Lea gently leading me, with fitting music, and I could follow the steps she was showing me.’

Pros according to Anne

‘As a patient, it’s a big plus for me that I feel way more confident to exercise. It really motivates me to take more risks.’

Cons according to Anne

As a downside, Anne mentioned the fact she had to get used to Lea’s voice instructing her. ‘You’re used to communicating with your therapist, so you have get adjusted to the change when you start working with Lea.’

*Names and pictures have been anonymized due to privacy regulations


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