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Frequently asked questions

Who are suited Lea users?

Lea is suitable for people who need more support than a basic walker offers. Another reason may be that there is an increased risk of falling due to unsafe walking pattern. A third target group are people with Parkinsonism. In addition to  physical limitations, Lea also provides cognitive support by actively recalling her agenda and the user to appointments. Lea also helps to motivated people to move more. 

How much does Lea cost?

The price depends per item. You will find the prices if you click here.

Can Lea be used outdoors?

Yes, Lea can certainly be used outdoors, she is splash proof and you can go up and down slopes smoothly with help from the motor support. Only obstacle detection must be turned off outdoors.

Is it possible to collaps Lea? / How do i transport Lea?

Lea’s hight is adjustable, however her width isn’t. Lea is transportable per car, this depends on the size of the trunk and if there is someone to help you carrie Lea in and out of the car.

Does my health-insurance cover Lea?

Unfortunately the health-insurance does not reimburse Lea. However we are working really hard to make this happen.

How long do Lea's batteries last?

You can actively use Lea for 8 hours. We advise you to let Lea drive to the charger every night.

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