Features Lea Care
☑ adjustable walking speed
☑ Posture correction
☑ Obstacle detection
☑ Parkinson metronome
☑ Video calling and messaging
☑ Exercises and dances
☑ Agenda and reminders
☑ Send Lea to
☑ The Lea button
☑ Lea companion app
☑ Lea portal
☑ Lea charger

Lea Care

Lea Care navigates and comes over to you when you press the ‘Lea button’ that was designed especially for that purpose. Lea’s walking dynamics and posture correction make her a safe walking companion in and around the home. Friends and family can communicate with the Lea user through video communication.

Care Centres

Lea Care is very suited for healthcare facilities. The navigation of this Lea is adjusted to every particular facility. The family and carers have access to a web portal and can plan all practice and activities from distance. Lea brings peace of mind.

Lea accessories

Living as independent as possible, it’s what all accessories are made for. With the Lea button, Lea approaches you at any time. When her battery is empty, she heads over to the charging station all by herself. If you want to take things with you on your errands, you can easily put these in the specially designed Lea basket.

Lea button

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Lea Charger

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Lea Basket

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Lea Trainer

Lea Trainer has been designed especially for facilities for physical rehabilitation and geriatric care. On top of the options provided by Lea Care, Lea Trainer offers specific exercises for different target groups. This model makes it easy for the healthcare facility to keep track of various patients’ progress in detail. It also comes with handy controls for hemiplegics pre-installed.

Together with our partner rehabilitation centres, we are momentarily developing the Lea Trainer software. Lea Trainer is available in the end of 2018!

Interested in a Lea Trainer, but already wanting to work with Lea? It’s possible to already buy a Lea Care and update this in the end of 2018 to a Lea Trainer. Want to know more about this option? Contact us.

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