Experiences with Lea

First results with Lea show that Lea has an effect on people with Parkinson’s and offers numerous benefits when living with Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s patients Kees and Ruud and their nearest, tell their stories and the experience they had with Lea. Care professional Trudy explains the importance of Lea

Irma is the chairman and founder of the Parkinson Café Delft. She herself is Parkinson’s patient and mostly wants to contribute something for Parkinson’s patients and expresses her expectations of Lea. The videos below have been created in collaboration with the Parkinson Café.

Kees and Francien about Lea

Kees has Parkinson’s disease. He and his wife are introduced to Lea and they elaborate on what Lea could mean for them.

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Ruud dances with Lea

Parkinson’s patient Ruud and his partner Marian tell their story and the experiences they recently had with Lea.

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Physiotherapist on the benefits of Lea

Trudy isa ParkinsonNet physiotherapist, specialized in Parkinson’s disease. She explains which benefits Parkinson’s patients may have with Lea and how Lea supports her during her treatments in Parkinson’s.

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Founder Parkinson’s Café on solutions

Chairman and founder of Parkinson Café in Delft Irma Scheurink has Parkinson’s disease herself. She always wanted to be of meaning for other Parkinson’s patients. She searches for solutions when dealing with Parkinson’s disease, to make life as comfortable and livable as possible for Parkinson’s patients.

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Dhr. van den Berg

Because of Lea I am less dependent of others, like my daughter and care professionals. Lea is always on the ready for me, super convenient!

I first got Lea on trial, through a friend of my daughter’s. I liked i: and now I can’t miss her! For example, if I want to get up, she helps. Very convenient, because I have Parkinson’s disease. Also when walking she gives me the needed support. She automatically brakes when I slope too much forward so I fall less often. When I go out for a stroll, I set the built-in metronome. This indicates the tempo: that helps while walking. Moving is easier with Lea and when I want to rest during my walk, I fold out the robot-chair.

Memory support

Lea keeps track of my appointments and can remind me, by calling them out loud. In addition, I can video call and send text messages via LEA to keep in touch with contacts more easily. There also are exercises and dances on the tablet. When I click on a dance, I see a movie of the steps and arm gestures. Then I dance together with Lea. Very fun!

Customizing Lea to needs

Lea can be tailored to my personal needs. Soon it will be ensured that Lea brakes faster. I also get a wrist watch with a kind of remote control, so Lea can now come to me autonomically!

Dhr. van Deursen

“Lea is a great outcome. Should I judge her from my professional and business background, I would say: ‘ Yes, this product is going to make it. ‘

The exercises from my physiotherapist that I have to do can be programmed in Lea. With a regular walker this would mean “exercise over” by now, I would have fallen much more often.

Me and my wife have the idea that Lea, and the increased freedom of movement that came with it, has inhibited the development of my disease. We thought it would be much worse by now.

Lea voor Parkinson

Curious about the advantages that care robot Lea have to offer to Parkinson’s patients?

Participate in research

Are you a care-professional or Parkinson’s patient and would you like to contribute to scientific research on the effect of Lea with Parkinson’s disease?