Lea Trainer

Especially for rehabilitation centers and geriatric institutions an software update called Lea trainer is being developed. In cooperation with our partner rehabilitation centers, we are currently developing the software for the Lea Trainer. On this page you will find some functions that will appear on the Lea Trainer.

Lea Trainer is available at the end of 2018! Interested in a Lea Trainer, but already wanting to work with Lea? It’s possible to already buy a Lea Care and update this in the end of 2018 to a Lea Trainer. Want to know more about this option? Contact us.

One handed walking mode

With the one-handed walking mode, operating Lea with one hand is simple. This is convenient when using both hands isn’t possible due to a broken arm or hemiplegia. With Lea, you keep walking ahead with ease.

Database  filled with exercises

To motivate you during your rehabilitation process, Lea offers safe, fun and challenging exercises that you are able to do on your own. Together with our partner rehabilitation centres, we are continuously developing specific Lea-based exercise programmes for different target groups. Beat your own high score and easily keep up with your own progress.

Monitoring Progress

Lea closely tracks all activity — she keeps an accurate log of exercises, routes and speed. Although physical rehabilitation is not a race, it is top-level sport. Developments and activities can be monitored, including remotely. That’s highly motivating and makes physical rehabilitation a much more pleasant process.

  • "Lea sees to it that my father is more independent and full of the joy of life again."

    Eva. 42
  • "I feel good, safe and sure with Lea."

    Bob. 76
  • ''During my rehabilitation period it was so nice to lean on Lea, both literally and figuratively."

    Eric. 43

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