Safe and self-sufficient

To give you safety and reassurance while walking, Lea provides a lot of stability and support. By using smart technologies, Lea minimizes the risk of falling. When walking, posture detection helps Lea give you the perfect balance in counter weight. You don’t have to be afraid of falling because Lea detects and measures obstacles around you, and stops safely and in time.

Social contact

As a nice way to keep you in touch with family and friends, Lea offers the possibility to see each other while calling. To not forget any calls, Lea also contains the feature of reminding you of any appointment you make.


As you own mobile personal assistant, Lea helps you with getting up out of your bed or chair. She also provides support while walking and helps the user adjust to the right posture.

Living healthy and active

To help you feel younger and stay healthier, Lea is happy to help out with daily exercises. In a very fun and simple way you are able to both practice and enjoy exercising at the same time. Lea can ask you to dance, and will lead you in a safe way on the rhythm of your favourite music. Lea will personally accompany and motivate you while you perform your exercises in your own environment.

Always up to date

Through the Lea Companion app, family and carers can stay in touch with Lea from a distance. One press of a button in the app is all it takes to call someone for a quick video chat. Lea brings people together, even when this is physically not possible.

Lea’s built-in tablet contains a photo album and agenda. When needed, Lea reminds the user of appointments and daily activities, for example when it’s time for their medication. Through the online portal, family members or carers can add reminders to the agenda. They also receive alerts from Lea when something is wrong.

  • "Lea sees to it that my father is more independent and full of the joy of life again."

    Eva. 42
  • "I feel good, safe and sure with Lea."

    Bob. 76
  • ''During my rehabilitation period it was so nice to lean on Lea, both literally and figuratively."

    Eric. 43

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