Lea Basket

This basket is always of use. The stylish and functional basket is easy to attach to Lea’s frame. An ideal thing, that results in having both your hands free to walk safely behind Lea. A luxurious basket of high quality, easy to use on your errands for groceries, or anything else you might need on the go. The basket is available in the color grey. Always have your things within reach.

Lea Button

Lea’s always there for you at any moment. At the push of a button, she comes to you independently and is ready to be of use. The Lea button is lightweight and easy to wear around the wrist. The battery lasts an entire week and can be charged wireless.


Time to rest, also for Lea. At the end of the day, she’ll automatically return to her charging station to recharge her batteries for another day of care, fun and exercise. The power station takes up minimal space and is easy to install.