Safe independent living

To give you safe feeling during walking, Lea offers enhanced stability and support. With use of smart technology Lea can decrease chance of falling. During walking Lea measures your body posture and ensures that you do not lose your balance. You do not have to be afraid to fall because Lea detects all obstacles around you and stops safely in time. In case something does happen, Lea will bring you immediately in contact with family or care worker.

Now with regained confidence, you can engage in more activities and increase your enjoyment of life. With less help of others, you can now with Lea live both independently and safely.

For healthy and active life

To help you stay healthy and feel younger, Lea stimulates you to move. In an amusing and simple way you can enjoy and exercise at the same time all in conform of your own home. Lea asks you to dance with her, and in a very safe way leads you to dance in a rhythm of your favourite music. Or if you more like games, Lea has fun games to amuse you and inspire you to move.

To increase your muscle strength and movement possibilities, our team of experts developed specially made training program to help you. Exercises can be selected according to your needs and wishes. And as extra, Lea will personally guide you and motivate you to train all in comfort of your own house.

Social contact

In order to bring you in contact with family and friends in a nice and easy way, Lea offers possibility to do video calls. And to help you not to forget to call, Lea reminds you of the made appointments and important dates.