Time for certainty

Care centres
• Helps with daily care activities
• 24/7 in contact with patients
• Stimulates moving and cognition
Care centres
By enabling Lea, the client instantly becomes more mobile and independent, which means the quality and effectivity of the provided care…
At home
• Safe and independent living
• Always in touch with each other
• Healthy, active and happy life
At home
To give you safety and reassurance while walking, Lea provides a lot of stability and support. By using smart technologies…
• Rehabilitate faster
• Custom-made exercises
• Monitoring progress
Lea can assist rehabilitation centres by carrying out daily patient care and even patient treatments...

It’s Time to
take a challenge

Meet Lea

Lea is an assistant that will support you at any time of the day, literally and figuratively. When walking she gives you support and stability, she helps with the daily exercises and is even an energetic dance partner. In addition, she encourages contact with family and friends, and with her functionalities she makes it possible for someone, without compromise, “to take a day off”. Curious about Lea? Maybe she will be near you soon. By pressing the button below you can view the dates and places when and where Lea will be on display.

Lea gives more freedom to move but also ensures rest and routine She knows her way in your home comes to you when called and accompanies you to where you want to be.


The benefits of Lea

  • "Lea sees to it that my father is more independent and full of the joy of life again."

    Eva. 42
  • "I feel good, safe and sure with Lea."

    Bob. 76
  • ''During my rehabilitation period it was so nice to lean on Lea, both literally and figuratively."

    Eric. 43

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