care assistant
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LEA functionalities

LEA supports

As mobile personal assistant LEA helps with getting out of bed and chair. In addition LEA gives support during walking and encourages user to walk with the right posture. LEA can also move autonomously on the wish of the user.

LEA protects

LEA ensures that the user feels safe in own environment. During walking as well as during training, LEA detects obstacles and ensures the user walks with the right posture. Maximum speed of walking and and safety features can be adjusted per user. In case of emergency LEA can sure contact with family or caregivers.

LEA motivates to stay mobile

LEA encourages users to stay active by assisting with custom made fitness exercises. LEA will in a stimulating way remind user to stay active,  as example invite him to dance together in a rhythm of salsa or waltz. LEA training program can be used for rehabilitation as for improvement of muscles or overall condition of the user.

LEA makes contact

User can via the integrated communication function of LEA easily keep in touch with family, friends, professionals and care centre.

LEA reminds

LEA agenda function can help user with reminding to preform daily activities, such as medications intake, eating, sleeping, using toilet or various activities.  Reminders are given in a friendly and inviting way in order to stimulate user to perform the action.


LEA analyses

LEA can measure the lifestyle and daily progress of the user, and give alarm in case of daily rhythm shows changes from normal. In this way emergencies or wander off events can be detected in a very early stage. In addition during the exercizes and dancing LEA can measure how well the user is progressing.

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