LEA traveling
through the EU

LEA tested in EU

Our care robot LEA has resulted from the EU project Silver. Silver has stimulated us to come with a solution that will help elderly stay longer independent in their own homes, increase their mobility, ensures they stay healthy and allow for a more efficient distribution of the care staff.

We have performed 5 months long tests in 5 EU countries. In Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Netherlands and UK, we have tested with 50 users in total where age varied from 55 to 100 years. Testing lasted 3 weeks per user and was performed in many different locations grouped in three scenarios: care centres, home care and elderly rehabilitation.

You can read more at the Silver website: http://www.silverpcp.eu/project-overview/


LEA has been developed within the framework of the European SILVER project, which stands for Supporting Independent Living for the Elderly through Robotics (www.silverpcp.eu).