and work pleasure

Care centres

Support during care tasks

Use of LEA can increase mobility and independence of client, while at the same time quality and efficiency of the care can be improved. LEA can help to decrease the care pressure and to improve work enjoyment of the care staff. While care staff is busy with medical and care treatments, LEA can help with daily tasks such as getting up, patient transferring, and actively reminding patients of predefined activities. As an example, reminders for medications, food and water intake, toilet use, and other daily tasks. In addition, LEA can help with patient transfer from their room to the doctor office or canteen and vice versa.

24/7 contact with the patient

As much as it is important for care staff or informal caregivers to have constant contact with the patient, it is also important for the patient to have a feeling of freedom and privacy. LEA can allow for both. She can measure activities as well as the patient progress in the apartment and send it in a form of report to a relevant party. In case of an emergency alarm can be given via the alarm centre. Video calling makes it possible to stay in constant touch with the patient, while their privacy is still intact.

Stimulation of physical activity

Regular physical activity is important to stay mobile and healthy, and for fragile patients it is of utmost importance that it is done in a safe and controlled manner. LEA supports the user so that the feeling of safety and security is increased and in addition chances of falling decrease. Specially designed training programs makes it possible to stay mobile and exercise in a fun way while keeping the safety at the highest level. Exercises allow for both individual and group use.

Care centres

– Helps with daily care activities
– 24/7 in contact with patients
– Stimulates moving and cognition