About us

Due to aging and other social and demographic developments, the future of robotics has already begun.  RCS products are made to help where human efforts are not sufficient or fail.  Not soulless machines, but with using help of personal medical devices, which were developed from the heart. Furthermore, this technology should be understandable and accessible. LEA makes this possible.

With bright vision of the future Robot Care Systems (RCS) is a subsidiary of Robots Robot Company (RRC) , which strives to make robotics available to both businesses and organizations as consumers and institutions. Such high goals cannot be achieved alone. The 25 highly trained employees of RCS gladly collaborate with research partners from universities and research institutes and business partners from home and abroad. Decisiveness and a bright and vison of the future characterize our products; that is why we are also actively looking for distributors and sales channels for LEA, both nationally and internationally. We strive not only to develop and construct robots:  we want to make sure LEA becomes part of the whole world!

Would you like to work with us?

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At this moment we have no vacancies.