Live safe and
more independent
with LEA


Faster rehabilitation
with LEA


Active and
socially involved
with LEA

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Meet LEA

A personal care assistant that combines smart technology to enrich users to lead safer, independent and active life.

– Safe and independent living in your own home
– Always in touch with your family and friends
– Healthy, active and happy life

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– Helps with daily care activities
– 24/7 in contact with patients
– Stimulates moving and cognition

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– Faster rehabilitation
– Patient tailored training
– Patient progress measurement and following

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LEA assists
when standing, walking,
doing exersices

LEA with users

Functionalities of LEA

• Supports user stability and safety
• Helps with walking and getting up from bed or a chair
• Stimulates to stay active and heatlhy
• Custom made fitness exercises and dances
• Built in communication functions to stay in touch with family
• Reminders for medication use, activities, eating and diverse daily functions
• Helps with daily activities and measures daily state of the user
• Alerts on exceptions, notifies directly to alarmcenter
• Comes to the user and moves autonomously if needed

LEA helps with
the daily routine
and communication

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